Enabling Inclusivity and Ease: Our Accessibility Page outlines efforts towards a universally accessible website, ensuring seamless navigation for all users and third-party interactions.

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Jhoolaylaal is a website designed to benefit creators. With our vast range of product categories ranging from fashion, decor, health, and beauty to art supplies, paintings, ceramics, and much more. While creating such a platform, the main goal was to make it beneficial for people relating to all walks of life and easy to access and manage. Our policies are designed to make this platform manageable for all people, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or deformity. Our digital accessibility policies are WCAG 2.1 AA compliant so that we can make our website an accessible source of income for our disabled users.

Online Accessibility for Disabled Users

We work to make Jhoolaylaal profitable and accessible to all people. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) comply with all digital platforms to amend their programs for disabled people. Our allegiance with WCAG guidelines 2.1 level AA has allowed us to make exceptional progress in making Jhoolaylaal a secure and accessible platform. We are constantly working to improve our website and facilitate our users in the best ways. If the user with any sort of disability is struggling to use our platform or having problems accessing our facilities, they can notify us via our email support@jhoolylaal.com.

Third-Party Access

We encourage designers and developers to create softwares that comply with or even expands the criteria WCAG sets. Our website contains links to webpages, which are controlled, powered, and hosted by some third parties. WCAG guidelines for those links are under the control of those websites. Jhoolaylaal does not have access to remove any kind of restrictions on accessibility for such websites. We always try to find accessible replacements for such sites and links.

24 / 08/ 2023

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