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Welcome to Jhoolaylaal, where we aspire to take your endeavors to the next level. The whole purpose of this website is to link creators and artists to authentic buyers, which cannot be possible without an account. We have a community of talented experts, graphic designers, and product manufacturers. We support marketers who understand the need for time and rise to the occasion to provide quality products to their consumers. Here is a guide that can help you create a seller profile with ease:

Have a clear idea

Before starting your ecommerce journey on Jhoolaylaal, we advise you to have a clear idea about what you offer to your customers. This incentive will help you structure your business better and set up your account. Understand the demand of your customers and think of ways through which your product can remedy that demand.

Sign up for your account

  1. Visit our home page and click on Create account
  2. From there, you can sign up with your Google account and set a password. You can also log in through Facebook.
  3. Give your first and last name. This information won’t be shown to the public, but the app will use it to send you tax details or updates on your account.
  4. Set up your account and get started.
  5. If you already have an account, you can log in to get started.

Fulfill the checklist

As a seller, there are a lot of changes you can make to your page to promote it. These include:

  1. Add a profile picture for your page
  2. Describe your page and what you offer
  3. Post your product
  4. Set the price

Publish your page to the audience

When your profile is set up completely, and you are ready to make your page live to the public, you can click on the publish page. This will help you make your products visible to your audience.

Entrepreneur inspirations

With a vision to empower creators and promote talent to a global extent, we started Jhoolaylaal. It was a venture made to serve all its users bringing out the best of their abilities and facilitating them in using them to advance their business. Inspired by the success stories of Patreon, Fiver, and Upwork, we wanted to give a new way through which people can communicate, interact and form a supportive community.

Our founders wanted to put people’s talent to good use, which mostly goes unnoticed in the swarm of competitive markets in the digital world. The vision of our website was to bridge the gap between creators and their audiences. We wanted entrepreneurs, designers, and creators to come forward and share their skills and products and get a fair value for them, helping them turn their passion into their source of income.

One of our biggest inspirations comes from Patreon; they have built a community that allows designers and creators to build a fandom on which they offer exclusive content and get supported. This opportunity allowed artists to follow their passion and invest more in their creative endeavors. On the other hand, the audience resonated with their creations, and they got more engagement. It fostered a place where people from all around the world connected based on common interests.

This was our mission as well to help designers pursue their aspirations and put their minds and soul into creating something they truly believe in. We understood that everyone had something unique to offer. So, we designed our website with multiple categories to cater to the needs of all our creators and users. We are dedicated to providing users with a professional environment to grow their businesses. With our inviting atmosphere, commitment to community standards, and devotion to empowering creators, our website stands as a leading beacon of light in the online world.

Benefits of Using the Jhoolaylaal Platform

In the digital era, possibilities are endless, and the world of e-commerce continues to emerge as a driving force behind the global community. Through our platform, you can embark on a successful e-commerce journey or expand your existing business in a new and innovative way. The following are the benefits of joining our platform:

Increased Visibility

On Jhoolaaylal, there are hundreds of users looking for something original and creative. Let your business meet its needs. Through our platform, you can connect with customers globally and increase your brand's visibility to a wide extent.

By listing your products on your e-commerce page, you can increase the exposure of your products. Our website has a search-based algorithm that lets your business reach its target audience.

24/7 availability

Through an online page, your business would be visible to customers around the globe at different timelines, and you won't have to worry about limited hours. This lets customers browse and purchase products at any time, increasing your sales

Cost-effective set-up

Having an account on our website will benefit you as you can profit more through less investment. You don't have to spend money on rent and staff, and you can invest all that into marketing your product or maintaining its quality.

Easy Product management

Our platform provides its users with interactive interfaces and tools to manage all your products and update prices, and descriptions or offer special packages or deals to customers.

Customer Feedback

Positive customer reviews build trust and validate your page and can lead to enhancing your product sales.

02 / 04/ 2022

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