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Jhoolaylaal is a vast platform containing vendors and artists from around the world. Our product categories include Men’s fashion, Women’s fashion, kid’s accessories and apparel, home decor, art equipment, jewelry, and more. So, in order you make your experience easy and help you navigate the best products for your needs, we made this guide to make your buying journey seamless

Know what you need

Before exploring all the different categories and products, prioritize your preferences and have a clear idea about what you are looking for. Make a list, and don’t fall victim to false advertising.

Explore the product

On our website, each product comes with its description, so explore and gather all the necessary information. See whether it meets your needs and fits your criterion. Pay attention to specifications, images, and videos if available.

Compare and Research

Some multiple sellers and creators offer the same product, so we advise you to compare different vendors for prices, quality, and shipment charges so that you make the best out of your purchase.

Check the authenticity

Check that the vendor you choose to purchase is trustworthy and reputable. Read reviews of other customers and clear any queries you have in mind before making the purchase.

Check shipping options

Check what sort of shipping offers are available. Some suppliers offer free shipping for some packages. Ensure your shipping address is accurate to avoid future problems.

Protect your personal information

Don’t provide any extra information, and be cautious while making purchases. Update your account regularly so that it stays protected and make your password strong.

Leave reviews

Once you have received your products, leave a comment for other customers to help them in their journey.

02 / 04/ 2022

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