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Empower Your Sales: Navigate the pathway to successful selling with our comprehensive Selling Guide, packed with insights, tips, and strategies for e-commerce triumph.

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As a website, we support your e-commerce business and encourage you on this journey. We have formed this guide to increase your sales to their utmost potential. Whether this is your first experience as a seller in the e-commerce market or expanding your current business through Jhoolaylaal, this will ease the process.

Setup your Store

The first step is to create a seller account on Jhoolaylaal and set up your store. Fulfill all the necessary details. Remember the image you want to convey to your customers and form your page accordingly. Have an enticing layout, use good images, advertise, and add necessary descriptions.

Optimize Product Listings

Optimize your product listings to improve your product reach; this can be done by keeping your page updated with the current trends.

Good Quality Product images

Having an online business is all about posting the right stuff at the right time in an enticing way. People trust what they see, and quality images are linked to quality products. Include a variety of images that show your products from different angles and optimize them in a way that the quality of the image is not distorted.

Set up the right prices

There is a lot of competition in online business, and to stay ahead of your competitors, it is crucial that you research and set up reasonable prices for your products.

Create a streamlined checkout process

Ensure that your checkout process is simple and easy. Avoid putting multiple steps at the end of a transaction. Display the necessary information, such as shipping amount, total cost of the purchase, and available payment methods.

Ensure secure payments for customers

Allow your customers to pay through a variety of payment options. Implement all the necessary measures to make your customer feel safe about the transaction.


Choose reliable logistic partners to ship your orders and provide the links to customers regarding their packages. Mention shipping dates and notify them about their package along the process.

Customer support

Respond to your customer’s queries and reports and provide them with customized assistance. Offer an easy return policy to address customers’ concerns.

02 / 04/ 2022

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